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Our Story


Two things I love the most - to travel and to work online - and I prefer doing both simultaneously. Being constantly updated about what's new and reacting promptly to it is essential for me because I am an internet entrepreneur - owning 4 businesses in e-commerce and consulting. But traveling is essential for me and my wife. That's why we spend most of our time discovering all the beautiful places this world has created for us to see. So far, we've traveled in 18 US states,23 countries and stayed in 120 cities for at least one day. And the countdown is still open.


 Because it's not easy to carry a laptop with me, for example, on the Volcano in Santorini, I developed skills to work very fast and efficient from my mobile device, using solar power to have it permanently charged. Also, I constantly needed to find ways to install my phone while riding my bike in Sardegna or driving a rental car to San Francisco. I was in search of a phone support that could be easy to carry, very durable and universal.


All the products on the market were good but bulky, not simple enough and not easy to carry as I needed. I decided to create my own thing. First, I found a reliable manufacturer and worked with them until I had designed a mount that could be easily installed on any bike or moto handlebars and fitted any smartphone, big or small. I have sent this bike phone holder to 20 of my closest friends, who share the same lifestyle as me and soon, the project got a name - Widras. This happened in October 2016. Now, after 2 years, a team of 14 creative people who love to travel is working with passion to create the perfect phone mounts that you can easily take everywhere and own it for a lifetime.


I truly believe that in the future, full-time jobs will be replaced by people working remotely and carrying smart devices that will accomplish all the tasks that now require physical presence in brick and mortar stores. Till then, Widras will continue to create meaningful products that will enable people to use their device anytime, anywhere. 


 Vlad Vedrasco - Founder Widras.