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US1 - VV2505 Bike Mount Instructions

US1  VV 2505 - Bike Mount Holder

Features: Multiple Function and locations: This mount can be mounted on various of locations such as bike handlebars, shopping Cart, office desks, baby carriage with 360 degrees rotation holder.

Quick Installation: 
1 .Open the clip and place the rubber into the handle.
2 .Attach the support to bike handle by unscrew the clip and fastened the handle.
3 .Stretch and work the rubber band over the clip handle.
4 .Connect the clip and the support together. Twist the screw cap until tight.
5 .Install your phone into the mount.
6 .Stretch the rubber band's corners over your mobile device's corners.

Compatible with the most devices: Maximum recommended Wide 3.5 Inches, the Bike Mount lets you enjoy the ride without worrying about you cell phone. 

✔Two elastic bands: that goes behind your phone for each corner to secure your phone for the ride.

✔ATTENTION: The Nut of the Pivot can be Tightened to keep the grip securely in position. 

Warranty: This product comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty .Please avoid purchasing the product from unauthorized sellers. During the warranty period, Widras  will replace without charge, a Materially Defective Product. Widras will also return replacement Products to you in working condition.