Metal Pads Replacement Kit

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Car Mount Metal Pads Replacement Kit

Rectangular metal magnetic plates to attach device onto magnet mounts.

• The magnetic plate mount easily sticks to the back of devices for easy mounting.

• Works with magnet mounts designed to hold devices with the metal plate.

• Great to use with smartphones and tablets.

• Easy to attach and remove without a hassle.

Having a spare magnetic plate to go with your magnet mount is never harmful; after all, they are extremely useful to make the magnet mount work. This magnetic plate mount is rectangular with rounded corners that easily stick to the back of devices and the magnet mount so that the device can be securely held in place with the mount. The size of the rectangular magnetic plate is minimally larger than the device, made to assist all devices and steady mounting of them onto the magnet mount.

The magnetic plate for mount gadgets is very easy to set up – simply place the magnetic plate onto the back of the gadget you need to secure, attach it to the magnet mount and viola, your device will be held safely for as long as you want. The removal is also similarly easy. The magnetic plate will never scratch your device.

Just peal of the sticker and attached it to your phone, tablet or GPS. Or insert it in your phone case.

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